Hello. I’m Dustin.

All I’ve ever wanted to do in life is to create and do things that matter.

With nearly 30 years in creative work as a media producer, drummer, social media manager, and songwriter, I have had the pleasure of working with incredible creators and businesses all over the world.

When the world isn’t under lockdown, I spend up to 200 days a year touring internationally with The Ataris. When I’m off the road, I spend my time helping artists, businesses, and brands achieve their creative objectives, connect with their audience, and grow their presence.

So what am I up to now?

In lieu of touring this year, I’ve had to find other opportunities to stay creative. In Fall 2020, I launched my podcast, “The State of Creative” to discuss to process, struggles, and current state of various creative industries. My guests include actor/musician Brian Bonsall (Blank Check, Star Trek Next Generation) and Kat Perkins (finalist, The Voice season 6). I’m excited to share that season 2 is currently in preproduction with an expected release of March 2021.

I have also had a blast creating and building up my TikTok channel, growing the account to over 300,000 followers and 23 MILLION views in just 100 days. Please feel free to check out the content below! For business partnership requests, please head over to my contact page.

Whether you’re looking for a touring drummer, a partner for social media, or someone to work on your next creative project, let’s make it happen.

I’m Dustin. Nice to meet you.

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